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Dr. Xiujie Luan studied Medicine for five years at University and then continued to obtain a Master degree for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) for a further three years. She has been working as a Registrar in one of the top medical Universities in China for 7 years before She came to the UK. She obtained her PhD in Asthma research and then doing further research for CHD (Coronary Heart Disease). She has been practising TCM since 1997.


Dr. Luan is specialised in treating a diseases such as stress, mood problems, female-specific diseases, infertility, pain relief, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases and many more.

Dr. Xiujie Luan

BSc.(Med.) Master(Med.) PhD

Member of BAcC


Dr. Lu has been practising both Western and Chinese Medicine in one of the top Medical Hospitals in China since 1984. Dr. Lu has successfully treated many patients in the past.


Dr. Lu is specialised in treating skin diseases, male-specific diseases, muscular-skeletal diseases, and many more.

Dr. Xin Lu

BSc. (Med.), Registrar (TCM)

Member of Association of TCM


We have 4 practices across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire -Allestree in Derby, Beeston (Nottingham), Belper and Ripley. More details are be found on the "Visit Us" link on the top right.

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